At PHX Management Group, we provide our clients with a holistic marketing approach with all offerings under one roof. We thrive on generating ingenious and fresh ideas to market our clients' brands and while amplifying their product and service stories. Our creative marketing solutions have helped us acquire customers and better reach clients' potential consumers. We enjoy an excellent clientele that includes well-known brands across different industries.

We're passionately committed to assisting every client we work with to grow and develop into the best version it can be. As a direct marketing agency, we combine common touchpoints and marketing elements, with a never-give-up attitude. As a result, our clients stay agile through meaningful leads and customers converted into lifelong brand advocates.

We have developed solid
relationships with our existing clients,

thanks to our team's
high-quality output.

Our dynamic team comprises highly qualified marketing experts who recognize the value of acting swiftly to outpace the competition and augment our partners' profitability. We create a personal touch with consumers and clients' products and services to build brand loyalty. We focus on developing strong relations with customers, and our team members, thereby creating growth for our clients and our organization.

At PHX Management Group, we believe that precious things should last. This is why we invest in comprehensive training initiatives, such as our Management In Training program, designed to guide our people through knowledge transfer and all-around development. This training program is focused on Leadership Development, Direct Marketing techniques (creating personal relationships), and people development to ensure fast-paced growth in this demanding industry. The program helps our associates develop essential skill sets to build a strong foundation while obtaining the practical industry knowledge needed to fulfill leadership objectives. Both professional and personal development are expeditated. Our team thrives on the advantages created through access to our learning resources.

We aim to recruit the right people, guide them, and mold them to build powerful brands, campaigns, and businesses. Our ongoing training program sets our people's foundation to flourish in direct marketing. Our objective is to give them the support they desire to teach self-confidence and professionalism. Our team means the world to us. Therefore, we always nudge our team members to recognize their strengths. We do this by offering them supportive mentorship, constructive feedback and team bonding. We offer challenging positions with tremendous growth prospects.

About Nestle Ready Refresh

At PHX Management Group, we understand the significance of staying hydrated. In the current unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, with frontline health personnel working long hours at a hectic pace, we have partnered with Nestle Ready Refresh. Their mission is to distribute free water bottles to police officers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, and many other customers in essential services along their routes. Ready Refresh also implements a constant recycling process to reuse 5-gallon jugs as a part of its commitment to reduce waste.

With our association with Nestle Ready Refresh, we have helped over x amount of people stay out of stores with water. In the process, we have helped Nestle with the generation of over x amount of dollars.

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